Reviving the original centuries old Newfoundland way of making breads


Newfoundland has many different festivals this time of the year, the weather is beautiful, people’s spirits are warm and these festivals are a wonderful way to be reminded about the old ways of living and being and the rich history that everyone feels part of.  In one of the festival a woman walked up to my proudly displayed table of Sourdough goodies and said..”This is the way we used to make bread” and I said ‘Yes, that’s right, it is time to revive that again. So as a reminder,  I put together a few FAQ’s on why sourdough way of making breads is the healthiest for our body and soul.  Would love to hear how you’ve benefited from Sourdough breads to regular white or whole grain breads made with bakers yeast…i invite you to comment below.

Sourdough (Natural Levain)


What is Sourdough or natural levain?

Sourdough “cultures” are complex ecosystems composed of multiple species of wild yeast and lactic acid producing bacteria that neutralize the phytic acid in the flour and produce unique flavors and textures also increasing the nutritional value of the bread.

What is Phytic acid?

Phytic acid inhibits enzymes which are needed for the proper break down of the proteins and starches in the stomach. The lack of enzymes results in digestive difficulties which is associated with baked goods made with commercial bakers yeast. This is one of the many reasons Sourdough is a healthier option.

Why is Sourdough an healthier option?

Phytase enzymes released by the sourdough process effectively pre-digest the flours which releases the micro nutrients and in turn helps eliminate bloating and digestive discomfort associated with commercially and conventionally modern bread

How old is Sourdough?

Bread production relied on the use of sourdough as a leavening agent for most of human history. The common use of baker’s yeast as a leavening agent only dates back to a little over 100 years ago in Newfoundland. Prior to that sourdough or natural levain was the method of baking bread.

Can eating Sourdough help with losing weight & maintaining blood sugar levels?

A high fibre diet of properly freshly ground whole grain flours that are predigested through the sourdough process, reduces the production of insulin and smoothes out blood sugar levels, cuts back on cravings, makes you feel full longer, contributing towards weight loss, also enabling most Gluten intolerant and even some Celiacs to enjoy traditionally made sourdough breads.

Until next time.

Sourdough is on the rise and so is Fresh ground!! 🙂

Living Breads Artist, Jayshree

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